“Happy Full Moon Festival”

“Happy Full Moon Festival”

Joining the Mid-Autumn Festival joyful atmosphere across the country, with the approval of the Board of Directors of NSN Construction & Engineering Joint Stock Company, on the evening of September 7, 2019, The Labor Union of NSN organized the program “Happy Full Moon” for the children of the company employees.

Attending the program were the Board of Directors, the officers and employees and the children who are children of the company’s employees. The night was thoughtfully prepared and held in the large hall of the Cultural and Sports Center of Viet Hung Ward.

The organizers have built an extremely elaborate and majestic program that takes them from one surprise to another. The opening magic show attracts the children, next is the funny, attractive and impressive game with the giant circus, the musical performance of the children … and it is impossible not to mention the participation of artisans and balloons were brought to the children unique gifts.

This is a practical activity that shows the interest of the Board of Directors to the children of the company’s employees; is a meaningful activity to create a healthy and useful playground for teenagers and children on the occasion of Mid-Autumn Festival. Thereby, encourage children to emulate learning, strive to always be good children and good students.

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