NSN reached the top 500 Vietnamese leading employers in 2022

NSN reached the top 500 Vietnamese leading employers in 2022

Top 500 Vietnamese leading employers announced by Viet Research in collaboration with Investment Newspaper on September 28, 2022. In which, NSN ranked 396/500 Vietnamese leading employers.

This result is the enterprise’s proof of achievement in creating jobs, rewarding employees, and having high and sustainable business results.

Not only taking care of society, NSN but also often pays attention and takes care of the material and spiritual lives for employees, which is reflected in NSN’s human resources policy, especially in internal connected activities through the company events.

The most obvious proof is that during the Covid-19 pandemic, Board of Directors directed the Departments to make joint efforts to respond to the pandemic, take care of the health of employees, maintain sustainable operations, make medical declarations, organize all of the procedure related to the working from home policy, vaccination registration for employees and annual health checking after changing to the New Normal Status. In particular, NSN does not make staff cutback, ensures income, salary and bonus of employees, with the motto “No one is left behind”.

Over the past years, NSN’s human resources strategy has always been associated with the attention of the Board of Directors and comprehensive development orientation for employees. The company applies good remuneration, along with creating opportunities for skill and professional training, specific promotion paths for each individual, thereby creating a unique corporate culture to fully meet the material and spiritual lives for employees.

NSN always encourages the diversity and equality in the working culture. All of the company’s labor policies are aimed at gender equality, contributing to creating a friendly working environment where everyone cares about each other and there is no discrimination. NSN deserves to be the company with the leading workplace in Vietnam.

Within the framework of National Research Program on Great Places to Work, Viet Research collaborated with Investment Newspaper to announce the Top 500 Vietnamese leading employers (VBE500), including enterprises with the best achievements in creating jobs, rewarding employees and having high and sustainable business results.

The Program has political and social significance to raise awareness of the community, enterprises and employees about human resource development, rewarding employees, creating culture corporate culture and the reputation of employers. The list of enterprises in the VBE500 Ranking is posted on the Program Portal: https://bestemployer.vn/.

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