NSN set up a clinic at the company serving employees

NSN set up a clinic at the company serving employees

The health check is NSN’s annual activity to take care of staff’s health, stabilize human resources, and strengthen internal cohesion. On March 4, 2022, HR Department organized a periodical health check for all employees at the company.

As part of the employee compensation policy and orientation to building corporate culture – “People are the core of development”, NSN always cares about staff’s health and working conditions. Because the Covid epidemic is spreading very quickly with new mutations, the Board of Directors has directed to organize the health check at the office.

The health check is also an opportunity for all employees to understand their health situation, contributing to improving efficiency for the development and success of the business. Employees will have a good working spirit to dedicate and produce more quality products when their health is guaranteed.

Before the health check, all employees received the official notice and instructions on the health check process; and the health examination area was also fully set up with modern equipment and machinery.

{All employees are tested for covid before entering the clinic.}

Doctors went to the office to take blood and urine samples for testing on the health check day. Then, employees went through the following examinations including General examination (measuring weight, blood pressure, heart rate, eye examination); internal examination; neck and abdominal ultrasounds; X-ray.

After the preliminary results were available, the doctors advised on health and diet. When receiving the final results, employees will be consulted again by specialized doctors.

The periodic health check is the most optimal measure to help timely detect health problems and provide the most effective treatment methods to minimize dangerous complications of the diseases and save treatment costs and time for workers. This is also an opportunity for the Board of Directors to know staff’s health status, as well as for each employee to understand and listen to their health to change bad habits, and maintain good habits to have a healthy lifestyle.

There are some photos at the health checkup:

{Everyone is keeping order, in turn, complying with the 5K regulations to make the health examination go smoothly}

Mobile X-ray vehicle


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