Welcome October 20, 2019: Beauty Make Up Contest – Beauty Contrast

Welcome October 20, 2019: Beauty Make Up Contest – Beauty Contrast

Nowadays, women are always struggling and busy with all the work and life. Many women do not really care and do not have much time to care for their appearance. Always be confused how to be beautiful? Feeling low self-confidence when leaving home?

Understanding that feeling and receiving the support of the Board of Directors of NSN Company, on the occasion of October 20 to celebrate and honor Vietnamese women, the Labor Union in collaboration with adintration department organized Contest “Make up transform- Beauty Contrast ”.

Makeup is always a miracle to help women become more beautiful, attractive and more confident. But there is a special feature in this contest, which is challenging that NSN’s men will be trying in a new role, will be makeup to become the most beautiful ladies, thereby understand, to confidently step out girls have to spend time and go through many stages like, from which cherish the women more.

The participating teams with thorough preparation, careful investment, the careful preparation of organiger and the best performances of 5 teams created a joyful, October 20 celebration. laughter and meaning for the women in particular and the whole company in general.

Beauty Contrast has closed but its echo is still echoing.

Let’s look back on the shining moments of the contestants in this memorable program.

Once again, the organizers congratulate the teams that have won the prize of the competition.

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