15th Anniversary celebration of NSN Construction & Engineering Company

On 8th Dec 2018, NSN celebrated 15th anniversary ( 10th Dec 2003 – 10th Dec 2018) in Nguyen Dinh Catering, Long Bien, Hanoi.

Looking back 15 years of establishment and development, Chairman cum General Director Mr. Thach Hoang Ngoc made a heartfelt speech, summarizing the proud achievements of NSN in the past year and set the target for future development in NSN.

Mr. Thach Hoang Ngoc – Chairman and General Director of NSN CorporationThe celebration is also a time to send special gratitude to customers, partners who have been together with NSN during the past 15 years. We are proud to have offices in 4 Asian countries,  have been in 13 provinces nationwide, constructed more than 300 projects and corporate with more than 100 domestic and international companies.

At the ceremony, NSN also honored and awarded 13 outstanding individuals and 2 projects  which are TTC Phong Dien and First Solar because of their great achievements and contributionto the success of the company in the past year. Besides, there are 3 individuals  who have been with NSN since its establishment were also awarded.

Representative of NSN Board of Management awarded certificates of merit to outstanding individuals!

Awarded excellent project certificates to Representatives of First Solar and Phong Dien TTC

Honoring  3 individuals who have worked with NSN longest time

And the award ceremony for Union activities in the past year as NSN’s Got talent, NSN Cup 2018.

Awarded the NSN’s got talent awards




Second Prize of NSN’s Got Talent for Adminstrator Dept Team


The first prize of NSN’s Got Talent – Ms. Thuy Nhung Accounting Department


Scorer – Mr. Dinh Van Hoa


Awarded NSN CUP: 2nd prize: Honda Team; Third Prize: Head office Team – Tsuchiya Team


Championship Team: KVC – Bang Lang Coalition

In the joyful atmosphere of the ceremony, Chairman and CEO of Thach Hoang Ngoc said:“We proud to call 2018 is the year of wonders, when the group of NSN reached more than 900 billion revenue, exceeded more than 150% of the beginning target is 600 billion and exceeded 200% of sales in 2017. Meanwhile, NSN reached over 800 billion revenue, the remaining 4 member companies reached over 100 billion revenue. Member company during this year has increased by nearly 200% compared to 2017. In addition, NSN is also honored to be the pioneer contractor to build 02 first solar power plants in Vietnam: Phong Dien 35MWAC and TTC Ham Phu 2 with the capacity of 36MWAC.

2 projects were cooperated with Sharp Corporation and Sharp Solar Solution Asia (SSSA), in which Phong Dien plant reached the grid successfully on 25/09/2018, exceeded the schedule of 20 days. Besides, NSN is trusted by the main contractor M+W to become the electrical contractor of two projects: FISRT SOLAR phase 1 & FISRT SOLAR phase 2. The chain factories is owned by American Company. These are the four largest projects the company has received since it was born.

 NSN also successfully expanded its business to Highrise Building with the first project of the complex 2 block and total 32-floor Sunshine Garden, applying Quality Management System ISO 9001-2015.

Another highlight achievement is Establish a Renewable Energy Division to serve the development of solar, wind and other electricity generation projects.

In the year 2018, NSN successfully upgraded its ISO 9001 Quality Management Certificate from 9001-2008 to ISO 9001: 2015 and at the same time implementing HTQL ATSK ISO 45001-2018. Besides that, NSN Has first step to applied successfully information technology, telecommunications, software engineering 3D design such as cadewae, revit into the system design and project management.”

Confirmed with the capacity, young and enthusiasm human resource as the current, NSN will go further in the future.  The company’s Board of Director has determined the goals for the upcoming five years from 2019-2023 with the following targets:

  1. The revenue of 2019 reached 1,000 billion VND and the target of growth to 2023 is 2,000 billion VND.
  2. Expand the market and business activities of the company according to the future market trend on the core strength including the professional and high level in the foreign investment projects that request high technical requirements, management, safety, quality ..
  3. Improve the quality of human resources with many programs and plans for training and application of scientific advances to the administrative management and project management.
  4. Raising income for employee, as well as other social welfare in order to motivate employees to develop their capacity and creativity.
  5. Satisfying customers through quality Project, ensure the schedule and good price.






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