NSN: The company’s 17th anniversary

NSN: The company’s 17th anniversary

On 10/12/2020, at Kim Long Garden Eco Restaurant, NSN Construction & Engineering JSC solemnly organized the program of NSN’s 17th anniversary (December 10, 2003 – December 10/2020), the event marked the great efforts of all employees in 2020 in particular and the 17-year development process in general.

The year 2020 has been a difficult year for the world economy due to the COVID pandemic. Although Vietnam is a country with very good disease control, there have been pandemic outbreaks affecting NSN’s projects. Some customers also temporarily suspended or reduced the scale of project investment in Vietnam due to the pandemic. Besides, storms and floods caused the Central region to be isolated for many days, which also significantly affected the progress and damaged the properties of the projects.

However, overcoming these difficulties, by effective prevention measures on-site and at the office as well as the timely direction strategies from the Board of Directors and the determination of the staff, NSN Company had a 2020 year full of challenges and success.

In the speech, Ms. Duong Lan Vi – Director of Business Development Department announced: Revenue in 2020 reached 119.4% of the plan, of which, the financial indicators allocated to the Business Development Department include:

– Revenue of energy projects (solar and wind power) reaches 185% of the plan.

– Revenue of new industrial customer projects reaches 72% of the plan.

“This is an extremely impressive result that even the Department of Business Development ourselves feel “overwhelmed” because it is a testament to the collective strength of NSN. With more than 440 employees, 440 hard-working bees unite and trust each other to create amazing results today. We have successfully stepped out of our comfort zone, come over new challenges to grow and develop together. ” Ms. Duong Lan Vi said.

Mr. Pham Gia The – Head of the Energy Department also affirmed: “The year 2020 marks a great turning point for the company’s renewable energy segment, marks a series of solar power projects including Phuoc Ninh, My Hiep, Dohwa, Thien Tan 1.4 that increase the total installed capacity of NSN’s solar power to reach nearly 350MWp and sets the first footprint in wind power with the Tra Vinh V1-3 project.”

Looking back to 2020 and the 17-year development pathway, Mr. Thach Hoang Ngoc – Chairman cum CEO of NSN Company emotionally said: “… more than ambition is an ideal and a desire, and anxiety about chasing the company’s cross-cutting goal – “Creating sustainable value”. On that journey, in 2021 we will take our desire and passion to remind ourselves to continuously improve and exceed the new targets set by the Board of Directors. Step by step, NSN is asserting its position in the main business areas that we are pursuing, proven by NSN’s project participation as an EPC general contractor in the industrial sector, and in the energy sector including not only solar power, wind power, but also more other types mentioned in the direction of energy development in Vietnam ”. Besides, I would like to send gratitude to the company departments who made that success, exactly like the company’s traditional lyrics:

“Spread across the country, the way we go

Factories are built on barren land

We are proud in the midst of heaven and earth – NSN Company – Bright sunshine.”

The celebration is also an opportunity for the Board of Directors and all employees of NSN to send special gratitude to customers, partners who have been with NSN during the past 17 years. Besides, in the celebration, the NSN Cup 2020 football award ceremony took place as an annual activity to celebrate the company establishment day and there was a Recycled Fashion Show designed and performed by NSN employees.

With NSN, look back on the memorable images in the celebration:

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