Kyocera Solar Rooftop Project completed ahead of schedule

Kyocera Solar Rooftop Project completed ahead of schedule

On May 29, 2020, the Energization Ceremony of Kyocera Vietnam Solar Rooftop Project took place in Thang Long II Industrial Zone.

Kyocera (KVC) is one of the biggest Japanese corporations, which is a reputable multidisciplinary one over the world. Kyocera is also an organizer or sponsor of many large-scale programs.

For the purposes of contribution to society, environmental protection, and natural resources protection, and also the introduction of high-quality products manufactured by KVC, Board of Management decided to install solar rooftop systems on roofs of Factory 1 and 2 in Hung Yen province although radiation level in Northern Vietnam is lower than in the Central and Southern Vietnam.

The total capacity of solar systems is 960.96 kWh with an installation area of 6,500 m2, and 3,432 pcs of 280W PV panels. The estimated annual electricity output is 1,061 million kWh per year, equal to 4.5% of the consumption capacity of KVC. The solar systems help KVC to reduce 509 tons of CO2 emissions.

The project started from March 2020 to 23rd May 2020 and was energized 23 days ahead of schedule. Such energization helped the Owner save 200 million VND.

PV panels are designed based on the special technology of Kyocera and go through strict testing procedures. Therefore, the lifespan of the project can increase to 30 years.

The solar systems installed by NSN is highly appreciated by the Owner because of NSN’s skill and experience. Long-term cooperation in the previous M&E and Construction projects and the success of this solar rooftop project will create potential opportunities to cooperate in the new business area when solar energy becomes a trend over the world.

NSN provides a comprehensive solution for rooftop solar power systems

With extensive experience in the construction field and EPC contractor for renewable energy projects, NSN offers the best solution for investors such as Apartments, Hotels, Resorts, Factories, Offices. , … can be proactive in energy sources, reduce the cost of electricity from the national grid, indirectly cut costs on cooling the building as well as take advantage of the space to save costs and generate revenue. from the production and supply of surplus electricity to EVN.

In the form of rooftop solar PV, NSN provides a complete design and implementation consulting package, including location survey, design proposal, effective capital recovery model, implementation construction, operation, and maintenance.

The leading principle of NSN is “Creating long-term value”, in which the priority is the Environment and Social issue. NSN sets out a development strategy in the field of Renewable Energy in general and Rooftop Solar Power in particular, not only is the trend of business, leading the market but also nurturing hope and desire for a common building a green and sustainable Vietnam, contributing to reducing CO2 emissions, protecting ecosystems and combating climate change.

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